Our Story

In 2013 Randy Bradley (Lead Vocalist and Guitarist) for the group Solid Ground made a change in the Music Genre in which he had been part of for ten years. Knowing God had called him to worship he preceded to seek out those who wanted to be a part of the Contemporary Worship Genre. Much to his surprise they came like a flood, First, was Joshua Foutz, an awesome Guitarist and Vocalist from Lexington, SC, and so it happened that Josh became the first member of Scarred Worship. In the time to come others came, such as Wayne Plemmons, an accomplished guitarist and vocalist from Gaston, SC, who also leads worship at his church. Wayne joined with Scarred Worship in 2014 and has been an asset to the ministry as well as an awesome Man Of God. Then in 2015 Scarred Worship was in need of a Bass player. As God does so well, He brought Kevin Warren (Bassist) along with his wife Rory Warren (Vocalist and Keyboardist) from Salisbury, North Carolina. Now that's just God! Scarred Worship didn't see that coming. Also in 2015, God brought Pat Phifer (Drummer) from Cleveland, NC. God brought this group together in His perfect timing. Each member has given God complete control over their lives and their music. 
We believe that we are saved by grace. We believe that we are tools in God’s bag. We are honored that He would use us and work through us to reach those searching, seeking and longing for a better life. Scarred Worship wants you to know that we all fall short at times and sometimes wonder why God allows certain things to happen in our lives. But we trust God and know that He has a plan, even if we cannot see it. Please hear this: God Loves You SO much, no matter what you have done. He sent his son to die for you so that you can have everlasting life. He desires to have a personal relationship with you. He’s waiting on you. So go ahead and worship Him. Spend time with Him. Allow Him to work in your life. Go on… He’s waiting for you. 
Scarred Worship looks forward to seeing you in the highways and hedges and we will be praying for you. Please always keep us in your prayers as well. GOD BLESS YOU! Now, lets go worship!  :)

Randy Bradley .  lead vocals / guitar
I Love Jesus with all my heart and serve him with all that is with in me, Worship is what he has called us to do and I am just a small tool in his bag that he uses to introduce people to him . Song writer, who LOVES to tell the story of redemption. Come worship with him soon and praise God!!

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Kevin Warren . bass
I love Jesus with everything in me. I feel blessed and honored to be able to serve Him and to minister His message through music. I just want to Glorify His Name. Eph. 5:19 - Speak to one another with Psalms, hymn and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.
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Rory Warren . keyboard / vocals
Worshiping God is my passion. My heart is to see people walk in freedom through TRUTH. John 8:32 - And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. I love Jesus with all my heart and I'm so thankful for what He did on the cross for me.

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Carlos Cespedes . drummer

Bio coming soon...