What Has Happened In 2019

What has happened in 2019 ? What hasn't happened, It has been a great year for this Ministry that God has given us. We just came out of the gate on fire for Christ Jesus and never looked back. WE were able to minister everywhere and saw God work everywhere we went . You know when we go out and minister in music we aren't going out to entertain folks, We are going out to be used as a instrument for God. We always allow God to have his way and never try to control what God is doing through our Ministry. We recorded a new CD and got to minister to the lost as well as the saved. We are here to serve, That's what we do. We open our selves up to God and in turn he uses us. We are nothing special, But God is. We have seen events blessed and have seen some do what we thought were nothing, Only to find out later that someone was touched or someone rededicated their life to Christ. Or I cant tell you the times we have heard this - YOU GUYS HAVE AN ANOINTING ON YOU . That for us is confirmation that God is working through us and his presence is working through us and others around us. Then we had a couple things happen that tried to slow us down but God has since taken control of those small road blocks and reopened those doors once again. So as 2020 comes upon us we will pray tat God continues to use us and send us out to remind folks that he is still ever present and wants us to worship and praise him daily. Because you know as I do - HE IS WORTHY - Amen !



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